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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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Even if you screwed up; even if it’s all your fault… you are not alone. You can get her back. This video will tell you exactly what to do and where to go to learn how you can get your girlfriend back.

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What Can I Say To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

What Can I Say to Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

It’s driving you crazy. You want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back; you’re miserable without him. You want to write him and tell him how you feel, but you’re at a loss at words. What the hell should you do?

Your first reaction is usually the worst thing to do… tell him how you feel exactly. And then you do this again and again and again, with texts, emails, phone messages, etc. Then you sit around and wait for his answer.

Here’s why this is ALL WRONG:

How to get your ex boyfriend back is really about one thing… and one thing only…

You have to make him want you again.

It doesn’t matter what happened, the current status of your relationship will NEVER change until you’ve made him miss you.

When he starts reliving those old feelings, thinking about good times and recalling how it feels to hold you again – that’s when he’ll be ready to reverse the break up.

Your job isn’t to pester and hound him into doing that. Your aim is to maneuver him to get to that point of missing you and wanting you.


By taking specific actions, and basically changing his frame of mind.

It’s what you DON’T say that matters the most

And words don’t play a big part in all of this.

A common mistake girls make to get my ex boyfriend back is to do all of the things that make YOU feel better… but not necessarily make him feel better about you.

For example:

These include regularly calling your ex boyfriend, emailing him, as well as constantly texting him, writing love letters and buying him cards.

These may be therapeutic to you… but they will do nothing to make him change his mind about you.

So instead of being concerned with what to say to your ex boyfriend, try to imagine what’s going through his mind… put yourself in his position. Right after a breakup, he probably just needs some time to himself.

You probably don’t think so… but this is a good thing.

The perfect way to reverse a break up is getting your ex boyfriend to come to you. This can be accomplished if you deal with things calmly and are willing to NOT get in touch with your ex boyfriend.

Yep… this is a big secret most girls ignore. All they think about is, ‘I want to get my ex boyfriend back.’ And then do the first thing that seems natural and normal. BUT IT’S WRONG!

It’s in our DNA, our human nature to be curious about someone we care about. He may not say it with words or actions, but it’s nearly impossible to simply turn off your feelings for someone you care about. So, as your ex boyfriend looks around to see how you’re coping with the break up, he should see nothing.

Let days or weeks pass without you writing or calling him. Very soon, your ex boyfriend is going to come searching for you.

Keep the ball in his court

He’ll say something like, “I was calling to see how you’re doing”, or probably he will make up some excuse to stop by your house and get something that belongs to him. He is going to be very curious about what you’ve been doing.

So when he calls, you need to know what to say. This is the most critical phase of winning your ex boyfriend back.

You should tell him that you’re glad to hear from him. However, don’t get all gushy and excited that he called. You have to play this very, very cool. Let him know you want to talk to him… just don’t sound relieved or desperate to talk to him again.

Again: This is critical!

In fact, if you can, pretend you are surprised to hear from him. Small talk will begin; let him say why he called.

Let your ex boyfriend to do most of the talking. This eliminates the possibility of you making any mistakes; you are pushing him into the more awkward position of making conversation. There may be some long gaps of nothing being said. That’s OK… let HIM fill in those gaps; let him keep the conversation going. This may be hard for you to do. But you have to let him carry the load of conversation.

If your ex boyfriend suggests a place and time to meet up, do not completely commit. “Yeah… I think that will probably work… but call me tomorrow and I’ll let you know for sure.”

So what just happened? A lot of things just occurred during the call.

For starters, you just crushed his expectations that you’d be very excited to hear from him. Your ex boyfriend probably got the feeling that, while you enjoyed talking to him, it wasn’t a big deal to you. He has to be wondering if you even miss him at all! In fact, you seemed so busy that you may have moved on without him.

He’s thinking: Are you going out someone else? How come you’re so busy? Do you still have feelings for him? He’s thinking about all of these things. Plus, you didn’t jump at the opportunity to see him. But you did casually suggest more contact; but you put him in charge of making the phone call.

Your ex boyfriend will be baffled by this conversation. It went exactly opposite to what he expected. He is going to worry that you may be totally over him and the relationship. He has absolutely no idea what is going on.

You have effectively thrown him out of his comfort zone. He suddenly realizes that he cannot afford to play games with you if he wants reconciliation. He either chooses to take you back (and hopes you will accept) or he risks losing you forever.

The bottom line

So… what’s the answer to the question: How to get my ex boyfriend back?  Simple. You say as little as possible.

Since you are not chasing after him, your ex boyfriend will be very curious and intrigued by your actions. And if he loves or still wants you even the slightest bit? He knows the ball is in his court and HE IS THE ONE that needs to take action.

There are actually eight specific steps to getting your Boyfriend back. Learn exactly what they are and how (and why) they work. Don’t you want to get the details on how to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back… easily and decisively.

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