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Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You

They say the story doesn’t end with a breakup.

Many believe that this is when the story really begins. Lots of people have strong feelings of love for their ex after an unexpected breakup. They can’t help asking themselves: Does my ex still love me?

In most cases, the ex boyfriend tends to send mixed signals and it can get very confusing. If an ex boyfriend still cares about you and wants to give it another chance, it’s very likely he’ll show you some signs.

The signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you and wants you back also means that you stand a greater chance of winning him back – if you do things the right way.

Only then can you plan your strategy to get him back in your arms again.

These signs are crystal clear and obvious.

It’s time to discover how to read all of the signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you.

1. Your Ex Boyfriend Is Always In Touch

A solid sign your ex boyfriend is still interested in you is if he stays in touch with you. Whether it is calling, texting or Facebook messages, it could mean he missed you. In most cases, if a guy doesn’t keep in touch at all, then he’s probably moved on.

Here’s another thing about him staying in touch…

It shows the break up didn’t have a lot of negative things going on like revenge, arguments, cheating and so on. So if he’s always in touch with you, take advantage of it. Just be careful not to sound needy or clingy.

2. He’s Interested In Knowing How You Are Doing

If an ex man always wants to know how you are doing and is interested about your personal life, it means one of two things:

1. This is a sign he still cares about you and wants to know how you are doing. It’s also a tell-tale sign he’s after you and wants another shot with you. Just don’t confuse a single call as interest.

2. The other thing is not so good. He might be simply curious if you’re seeing someone else. Guys being guys, it could be that he simply doesn’t want you to be seeing anyone else and he’s just checking up on you. You’ll be able to tell the difference by looking at all of the other signs that your boyfriend still likes you

3. When Ex Boyfriend Is Open About Things In His Life

Whenever you get a chance to talk with him, WHAT he talks about can be a good sign. For example, is he open about what is going on with his life (and even friends)?  Does he express his feelings to you about the things he is going through – at work, with friends, etc? This is a tell-tale sign that this man may be interested in you again.

4. He Wants To Be Around You

If your ex boyfriend still wants to be with you, he will find reasons to meet or stop by to see you. He may invite you to his place or to do something with him.

Of course… there is always the chance that he may be after sex and nothing more.

That is why you shouldn’t let this sign deceive you. Be careful. Analyze ALL of the signs; just one or two of them isn’t always a clear indicator that he still loves you.

5. Listen To His Friends

Friends play an important role in any relationship. Men share things just like women do. So if you have girlfriends who are dating his friends, expect to hear some gossiping.

Your ex can always tell his male friends that he still loves you; he misses you or if he wants to get back together with you. Keep your ears open because you can always hear these rumors from friends. Don’t talk about them to anyone; use them for your advantage on how to get your ex boyfriend back.

6. Is He Being Overly Nice To You?

Men are funny creatures. this is especially true when dealing with women they still care for.

It’s pretty common for someone who has trouble saying he’s sorry to act especially nice to you. This is because men are usually very proud and have difficulty saying those two little words: ‘I’m sorry.’

So, instead they show you they’re still interested by going out of their way to be very attentive and extra nice to you. Even in a group setting, you’ll find that your ex is supportive you. He’ll laugh at your jokes and defend you to his friends.

7. He Compliments You and Reminds You Of The Past

Look for your ex boyfriend to bring up sweet past moments of your relationship. If he digs up the past, he may be trying to move you into getting interested in him.

Another sign that your ex boyfriend still likes you would his complimenting on how you dress or saying that you look pretty. He may even mention that you were a great girlfriend. All of these are obviously great signs that make you say: My ex still loves me!

WARNING: Be Careful Not To Be His Booty Call!

Trust me on this, I am a guy and I know these things. Your ex boyfriend may be sending you these signals to get back together. So… you might think that he still wants a relationship with you. But all he really wants is sex and nothing more.

This is something only you can determine. You probably know him better than most people. One way of telling this is when he sends you mixed signals.

He tells you that he wants to just be friends; he’s not sure he’s ready for a commitment; he’s ‘confused’ about his feelings…

All of these are classic statements from a guy that only wants to get in your pants. Listen carefully to what comes out of his mouth; you may find yourself giving him sex… and getting nothing back in return.

The Bottom Line

If you see these signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you, don’t wait for him to come back.

Take action right now by getting a step by step plan that can help you to make it happen.

Sometimes you may have an ex boyfriend who is a total alpha male, hard to understand and worse… he show none or just a couple of these signs.

It always comes down to pushing a male’s psychological hot buttons to make them want you back. It doesn’t matter what kind of man he is because he will respond when you use the appropriate psychological triggers.

To learn how to do this, visit: The Magic of Making Up. Discover the answer to the question… does my ex still love me?

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