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How To Get Wife Back

When you and your wife broke up and went your separate ways, the last thing on your mind was thinking: how to get wife back. Really, wanting to get your ex wife back was inconceivable.

But, time has now passed. All of the hurt and anger has begun to fade. In fact, it’s likely you don’t even remember what caused the split… what the arguments were about… or even if it was your idea or your ex’s idea that the break up should happen.

If you think you made a mistake; if you think you would like to reconcile; if all you’re worried about is getting her back; I’ll be honest with you…

It won’t be easy.

Granted, every situation is different. Every breakup has its own set of unique dynamics that drove both of you to make this decision.

There are plenty of relationship advice gurus that talk about how important it is to rekindle whatever you had at the beginning.

The truth is that people change. There is a real possibility that what she liked in the beginning could be more annoying than attractive at this point. It makes more sense to look at things that she’s responded to recently. Chemistry is an important ingredient that will help you get your ex wife back. Sometimes, things that seem insignificant to you can make a huge difference.

That being said, there are some basic ‘rules’ that will apply regardless of the circumstances and conditions of your split.

How to get wife back

Getting your ex wife back is going to require a significant amount of time and effort. A woman is driven by her feelings and emotions. The fact that the relationship ended generally indicates that her emotional needs were not being met.

Speaking of feelings and emotions… also, remember that anxious feelings on your part can make you react in all of the wrong ways. In fact, as you will see, what you may think is charming and cute is actually perceived as being bizarre… and kind of weird.

Without a specific action plan to get your ex wife back, your goal to get your ex wife back will end in failure.

The good news is there are basic patterns of human nature you can use in your approach. So instead of resisting them, learn what works and use them to your advantage.

Avoid the pity ploy

Forget about trying to make her feel sorry for you.

Even it did work (it doesn’t 99.97% of the time), do you really think having her pity you is the basis for a successful reconciliation?

Even if she does feel sorry for you, I can guarantee those emotions are NOT the ones you want to target in your quest to get her back. Those are the same feelings she has when she sees a lost cause or someone with disabilities – and you don’t want to be identified in those categories, do you?

So… do you regularly call your wife? Do email her about every little thing? Are you texting her a dozen times a day?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions… STOP doing this… NOW!

These things will not earn for her pity. Instead, she will think that you’re pathetic.

Don’t even think about doing these 5 things:

1.   Don’t be a pushover. Even if she complained you were suffocating and overbearing, that doesn’t mean she is attracted to a pansy or someone she can turn into her whipping boy. Learn from your mistakes… but never be a patsy, either. She will never respect you if cave in to her every whim. Make no mistake, she will be testing you.

Learn to disagree without being disagreeable. Make your point without stabbing her with it. You’re entitled to your opinion – so is she. BIG POINT: When you are wrong, just god damn admit it. You are not abandoning your pride by doing this. You will simply be demonstrating that you are a reasonable guy.

2.   Don’t bother with gifts and flowers at this point. That works when you’re married. Giving them now will just make you look like an idiot. That isn’t how to get wife back. If she’s not attracted to you right now, she won’t consider reconciling unless she can get the old feelings back. All of the gifts in the world won’t make a bit of difference in how she views you now.

3.   No matter what, don’t try to make her jealous. This is not how to get your wife back. She isn’t going to be running back just because she’s heard you’re dating a new woman. She’ll simply be more convinced than ever that the marriage is really over.

4.   Don’t become a crazy stalker. It isn’t attractive… in fact, it’s downright creepy. Following her, spying on her, chasing her around isn’t going to help your cause. She’s the one that has to make the decision to come back. You won’t convince her with harassment.

5.   Don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Really.

Most men resist the idea of counseling. It goes against their nature to ask for help; especially for this type of problem. If you really want to get your ex wife back, don’t take the idea of counseling off of the table. You just may discover there is a perspective you’ve been missing.

If the break-up was your fault, the best thing to do is to genuinely apologize for hurting her. This is going to accomplish more than anything you can say or do.

An apology is just the starting point. Also explain WHY you are sorry; tell her you understand how deeply your conduct has hurt her. She will have to really believe you won’t hurt her again.

And this, my friend, usually requires time. How much depends upon the nature of the transgression and the disposition of your ex wife. How to get wife back is never a simple task… but it can be done.

By supporting and respecting her, and showing her you are capable of giving her everything that she requires emotionally, it is possible to get your ex wife back.


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